Brazilian Room Tilden Park Wedding Video

This is a shortened version of a two videographer outdoor ceremony held at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA.
I have posted it here by special request because we have a lot of brides that want to get married here and see how the place looks on video. I have done many weddings at this wonderful wedding venue.

Brides must bear in mind that anytime you have an outdoor wedding you will be at the mercy of mother nature. Lighting can be hit or miss in this situation. I have shot weddings at the Brazilian Room that had great lighting for the first part of the wedding ceremony [dull, overcast clouds make for great lighting] and then shift to bright sunlight for the second part of the ceremony.

On this wedding there were actually clouds overhead upon arrival, but by the time the wedding ceremony rolled around it was bright sunlight. For bright, sunlit weddings we generally expose for the dark areas of the face. This means that other areas of the video screen might be over exposed. However, if you expose for the dress for instance, then the face would be dark. I tell you this to give you an idea of our philosophy and how we approach things.

Author: Robert Valdes