by Robert Valdes Cinema

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I have revamped, redesigned and updated my ending credit sequence. I now use client supplied still images to incorporate into your feature film wedding video ending credits. How did I do it before you asked? Surely you have already seen my cinematic, cutting edge ending credits from past videos, no? Ok then, you better CLICK HERE to see my previous ending credits sequence.

The old way was cool too, it’s just that now, the ending credits highlights the participants more. Rather than just being footage blurred out in the background, with the titles having no correlation to the image behind it.

With my new sequence, I use a little motion on the images and text so it doesn’t seem so stagnant. I will also incorporate the music you want for the sequence. The titles stay on the screen for about 5 seconds each.

Please keep in mind that this ENDING CREDIT sequence IS NOT INCLUDED in any of my packages! Ending credits must always be added as an extra. Moreover, because of the enormous amount of time it takes to create this sequence. I cannot offer it as a ‘freebie’ or ‘sweeten the deal’ type of thing…sorry

Beginning pricing is $350 for the first 30 images/w titles displayed at 5 seconds each. Motion will be added for heightened emotion.