by Robert Valdes Cinema

St. Paul’s-SF Marriott


This FEATURE FILM begins with our newly retired Signature Opening [your video will open differently], followed by bridal prep montage edited to music, which then segues into the real-time wedding ceremony sequence. A post ceremony musical montage [aka CINEMATIC EDITING] follows the ceremony which then transitions into the reception highlights. The entire video ends with a wonderful CINEMATIC RECAP. The ending credits is optional but you can add that to your package if you wish.

We hope you enjoy this FEATURE FILM that includes the services of two videographers through out the day to capture all of your real-time moments from two different angles.

This wonderful feature film was shot at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in San Francisco, CA. followed by the reception at the downtown Marriott Hotel also in San Francisco. Both the ceremony AND reception venues were quite dark so this feature film will give you a pretty good idea of how spectacular our HD cameras operate in low light.

Please note that some FEATURE FILMS have been shortened specifically to preview on our website.