by Robert Valdes Cinema

Palace of Fine Arts

Here is a complete wedding ceremony shown in real time filmed in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. Real time video is an integral part of our CINEMATIC FEATURE FILMS. You not only get amazing cinematic musical sequences edited to music, but also the meat and potatoes real time video that you see here. Wedding ceremonies can be as long or as short as you want. You simply request us how you want us to edit it. However your wedding ceremony WILL ALWAYS be filmed complete, it’s in the editing stage that we decide how best to use the ceremony in the cinematic feature film.

This is the wedding ceremony, complete in real time. You can choose to have your wedding ceremony edited down to just the basics if you wish. Or you can choose to have your wedding ceremony in full as above. In either case, we STILL shoot the wedding ceremony in full, just be sure the memories are preserved for future generations.

Listen carefully to the world class audio enhancement and editing that is happening with this wedding video. Much of the music was ‘DUBBED IN’ as the location was really windy that day, and the music playing through the speakers to the audience was muffled and distorted because of the wind and placement of the speakers. We used wireless microphones to capture the vows and speeches. Simply put, the best audio for video on any wedding video in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This wedding video features the services of two San Francisco Wedding Videographers. The realtime nature of the video shows how rock solid our filming and editing is. It’s much easier to shoot snippets of something and edit it to music. Much harder is filming in realtime and editing complete as above. ENJOY!