by Robert Valdes Cinema

SF City Hall – Yank Sing

Thank you for watching our wonderful, award winning and unmatched wedding video FEATURE FILMS. Our FEATURE FILMS include the very best of CINEMATIC AND REAL TIME sequences to bring you a BEST OF BOTH WORLDS wedding video. Everybody LOVES cinematic editing, and watching scenes unfold and expertly edited to music. However, when a video this short is finished, the viewer can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to hear the vows or hear a toast from the best man. Axiom’s videos present this to you, along with our amazing SLOW MOTION CINEMATIC RECAP.

What does this mean? This means that you get a wedding video that includes real time sequences, example bride coming down the aisle in real time, along with musical montage sequences edited to the music of your choice!

This video was shot using the services of two professional videographers. The ceremony was held at City Hall in San Francisco and the reception was at Yank Sing restaurant in San Francisco. One of the good things about choosing two videographers for your wedding video is that ONE VIDEOGRAPHER was at the Groom’s preparation, which is important to many brides and grooms. This video is unique in that there is a SEPARATE musical montage sequence for the groom!

Please note that some FEATURE FILMS have been shortened specifically to preview on our website.

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