by Robert Valdes Cinema


Thank you for your interest in our work. To make your choice an easy one, we have created the most perfect, affordable package. This package includes everything necessary to create an amazing video masterpiece, including using two HDSLR cameras to film your wedding. We firmly believe that using two cameras is the only way to film a wedding ceremony and reception. One camera will act as the main camera, while the videographer shoots the b-roll in a photojournalism style. This gives our editor more to work with. This method also give us more audio tracks with which to create the perfect soundtrack to your wedding movie.



  • One Axiom Certified Videographer
  • 8 to 10 Hours of Continuous Coverage
  • Two  Cameras for Ceremony, One Camera for Reception
  • Wireless Microphones and Digital Audio Recorder
  • Fly on the Wall Unobtrusive Coverage
  • Robert Valdes personally edits the video
  • 30 to 90 minute Cinematic Feature Film
  • One Song Slow Motion Recap
  • All uncut footage
  • Video DVD of above

 À la carte: add to your package

  • Blu Ray disc of wedding video = $200
  • iPhone or iPad version = $150
  • Second Videographer w/2 HDSLR cameras = $900


  • Choose from one of the following:
  • Same Day Edit
  • Love Story
  • Save the Date
  • He Said / She Said
  • Music Video Engagement Session

We look forward to hearing all about your wedding! Please contact us now to reserve your date!