by Robert Valdes Cinema

Ceremony Vows

This is a one wedding videographer wedding ceremony wedding video. As to not interfere with your san francisco wedding photographer, we take the back position down the aisle when we do these one videographer wedding ceremony shoots in San Francisco, CA

This might seem boring to you, but keep in mind having your wedding ceremony filmed in this manner is the best way to relive it 20 years down the road. I’ve spoken to many brides who wished they would have had a real time version such as this for their wedding video. Unfortunately, they hired videographers that were more about style than substance. HAVING SAID THAT, you can have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS by choosing a TWO VIDEOGRAPHER PACKAGE. In this way, one videographer can be locked down as above, and the other videographer can roam and get the b-roll shots necessary for a more cinematic edit. Contact us to find out how!