by Robert Valdes Cinema

Steadicam Wedding Videos


Add a touch of Hollywood to your wedding video with one of our videography packages that includes filming with the STEADICAM camera stabilization system. We were one of the first and still one of the best cinematographers using the Steadicam [steadi-cam] for wedding videos today!

A unique aspect of our work is the fact that we have been using the STEADI-CAM stabilization system for more than 20 years now. We use this type of system to achieve HOLLYWOOD STYLE moving dolly shots. This video is of a first dance, with the services of two videographers. You will see the video slowly fading between the two videographers. We also use AUDIO SWEETENING to make the sound better. We didn’t simply overdub the sound, but rather, we weave the cd audio in and out, based on the crowd reaction.

This is a short wedding video clip filmed at the Flying Cloud Farm in Petaluma.