by Robert Valdes Cinema

Talkative Disc or dislike?

I was curious in knowing what brides and grooms think about their wedding Disc Jockey style. Do you want your DJ to only play music? Or do you prefer a DJ that can really get in there and be the life of the party? I have worked with numerous disc jockey’s and it seems as though they can be categorized into two distinct classes. On one hand, you have a dj that will act as your MC, announcing events but pretty much keeping quite other than that. Then, you have the type of DJ that will speak and give play by play analysis during key sequences.

Below is an example of a wedding disc jockey [who did a great job by the way] who likes to speak and give a play by play analysis to the guests during key sequences. The sequence shown here by example, is the cutting of the wedding cake.

Please comment and let us know what you like, dislike? Something in the middle perhaps? If you need a recommend for a disc jockey for a particular style, please contact us so we can give you the names of the ones that do it like how you want it.

On a side note, we at Axiom Videographer don’t have any preference or opinion on this matter either way. We think that every style of wedding disc jockey will fit a certain bride and a certain wedding. Whatever the bride and groom want, is fine by us? We just want to start the discussion!

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