by Robert Valdes Cinema

Wedding Cinema Cake Cutting example

Here’s a great clip that highlights our award winning wedding cinematography shooting style.

Indulge me for a moment as I run through the particulars of what’s happening in this clip. First, we do not use any lights. This helps to lend a more natural look to your wedding cinema.

Second, we shoot with DSLR cameras which, to be frank is the only way to go nowadays. The overall look and quality of the cinema image shot with DSLR cannot be attained with any traditional standard definition or high definition video camera. This point is arguable and perhaps with additional post processing, one can attain a similar look using a video camera. But why bother? DSLR cameras are smaller, lighter and more cost effective at this juncture.

Third, we shot this scene in a continuous, non stop real time fashion. This gives us more flexibility in the editing in that we can use the sequence as is, without any background music. Or, we can chop it up and add background music if we desire. In this example, we have kept all the original sound and used the clip intact. We feel that this way puts the viewer in the moment and let’s the viewer experience the sights and sounds of the actual wedding day rather than the viewer experiencing our creative editing technique.

Note that the shooting style is hand held but with minimal shake added. Any camera shake was intentional as we utilize the handheld style to heighten realism. Also, we do not use any lights in this situation as natural light always yields the most organic results.

This wedding reception cake cutting video was filmed at Dominics Restaurant in South San Francisco, CA.

The DJ you hear in the background is Woody from Big Fun DJ’s.

The photographer for this wedding was wedding photographer Michael Soo.

But keep in mind we offer both photo and cinema so please contact us for a package that includes both photo and cinema.